What we do.

We are charging brands and messages with emotions – that’s how we bring people together.


We are creating events with passion and innovation. We are a real event agency of the next generation. We are charging brands and messages with emotions to create enthusiasm and long-lasting memories. But most important of all: we bring people together and create valuable encounters.


Times are changing fast and so, we have to adapt to these challenges – or even better: we have always to be one step ahead. Often we are implementing things, others deem impossible. As only innovative ideas, perfectly tailored to your application will create unforgettable moments. While others are still transforming events to digital or are just streaming stage presentations, we show you how hybrid events really work. “Either…, or…” was yesterday. Integrated events and multi-channel live marketing is today!


We are shaping the future on the solid foundation of our experiences of past events. We are facing even biggest challenges sovereignly. We are known for talking in plain language, not hiding behind meaningless buzzwords. We keep the promises, we make. We know what we can do and we share all our experience with you for the sake of your event.


We want to amaze people and to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are focused and precise in what we are doing. Each of us knows exactly what is up to do and brings in all their individual expertise. And that’s exactly our strength in creating unforgettable experiences.


You are planning a small high-class meeting, a kick-off event, an incentive, a congress or you probably even want to fill a whole stadium with content? We create events – and that’s what we are doing with all our passion behind it. So, it is natural to us to carry out every event with the highest standards of precision and professionalism. Because our highest goal is to maximize the success of your event.


It takes these crazy creative minds and those wild, inventive conceptionists to make sure that a good idea is not lost in its implementation. In an entertaining and informative way we are staging even most complex messages. Be it with event concepts, perfectly tailored to your needs, with breathtaking shows or with amazing live presentations.


Efficiently, with a technical eye for detail with a strong focus on the goals of our clients, we develop innovative technical solutions for your event. Starting with the assessment of all relevant documents, continuing through the management of the whole tender process for all technical works, up to the design of detailed CAD plans and implementation plans, we consult, plan and control all technical experts in each phase of your event.


We care about your guests and your crew. So, we support you flexibly, individually and in an innovative way, starting with the invitation, the registration process and management of all participants up to the accreditation on site. In your individual design language, we set up the guest management platform to be able to consistently monitor all information for hotel allocation and catering capacities. That’s how we also support the travel planning for you and your guests.


Who does not know that problem? A really good idea gets almost lost in its implementation. What is left over is nothing than a boring compromise. Our advantage to you: we cover all relevant services for media production and individual stage performances with world-class in-house capacities. Conception and the production of all experiences is one single integrated process to us. That makes us unbeatable in efficiency and consistency during the implementation process.



In our company your event – thus, you and your guests – are in safe hands! The brand “Event-Sicherheit 360°” provides the complete package around the topics event security, guest safety and occupational health management. We take care of the whole safety assessment, the safety strategy, the security concept up to the design of accreditation processes and the compliance to all safety-relevant topics of your event.


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