Travel Expense Guidelines

Subsistence expenses:
If the ordering party, or a third party at the instigation of the ordering party, provides full board, the
contractor has to cancel the subsistence allowance for each day of full board. Exceptions are allowed, if
the prior consent of the ordering party has been obtained.
If no full board is provided, the following rates of expenses are paid per day and person:

One-day or multi days assignment: Within Germany EUR 50,00 / EU EUR 80,00 / Third countries outside the EU EUR 100,00

Day of arrival / departure in case of multi-day assignments (without the work performed): Within Germany EUR 25,00 / EU EUR 40,00 / Third countries outside the EU EUR 50,00

The current German VAT/sales taxes will be paid in addition to the rates of expenses named above.

Overnight accommodation:
During assembly work and on-site visits outside the Munich metropolitan area, the ordering party shall
provide appropriate accommodation (single room in at least a four-star facility based on the ratings of the
German Hotel & Catering Association). If no appropriate accommodation is provided, the contractor will
book the accommodation and the corresponding costs shall be reimbursed with a surcharge of 5% for the
logistical management.

Travel Expenses:
The travel expenses mentioned hereinafter shall be cleared in line with the actual expenses plus 5% for
the logistical management:

The ordering party will reimburse the costs for first class train tickets and any accruing costs for
seat reservation, when a “BahnCard” (German Rail Pass) is used. Without BahnCard, only the
costs for second class train tickets and any accruing costs for seat reservation will be
reimbursed. All possible ticket concessions (e. g. “Sparpreis” tickets) have to be exhausted.


Within Europe, the ordering party will only reimburse the costs for Economy class flights. In case
of intercontinental flights of up to 12 hours, the costs for business class will be reimbursed; when
exceeding 12 hours of flight time, flights are booked in first-class.

Rental cars
Medium cars via Zweiplan business account as needed.

The ordering party will reimburse taxi costs as needed.
Other means of local public transport
The ordering party will reimburse the costs for transport by bus, underground/fast city trains (U-/
S-Bahn), and similar means of public transport.

Zweiplan Cars
The ordering party will reimburse mileages of
• 0,55 EUR/km for a 5-seater passenger car,
• 1,10 EUR/km for a 2-seater passenger car,
as well as any accruing parking fees.